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Adhesion Technology for Metal Polymer Hybrid Components

RadiSurf works with engineering companies to build technical products allowing new innovative use of metals and polymers. Products that will potentially last longer and are less likely to require repair. With our adhesive polymer technologies, we achieve joints between plastic/metal components that are tighter, less permeable and stronger. Solutions that meet demanding requirements related to bonding applications found in various end-use engineering markets. Using only nanometer thin adhesive layers, our technology is well suited for, among others, food and health applications.

Molecular Adhesion of Polymers on Metal Surfaces Patent pending

RadiSurf provides a new and innovative solution to the problem of adhesion between polymers and metal components.

Providing a chemically stable adhesion layer on top of a metal component, you can use existing injection molding or welding techniques to obtain superior adhesion between the metal and polymer parts.


  • Injection mold directly on the RadiSurf-coated metal surfaces
  • Strong adhesion on even smooth metal surfaces with an invisible adhesion interface
  • The interface is stable up to high temperatures of at least 200o C (390o F)
  • Pre-coated metal surfaces are stable for months of storage
  • Allows a complete separation of metal surface preparation and molding / coating step
  • Easy strong adhesion of polymers that are otherwise impossible or hard to bind to metal surfaces
Aske Olesen
Radisurf concept

News from RadiSurf

The RadiSurf Adhesion Technology Presented in Danish Plastics Magazine

The future of adhesives, is simpler and intelligently designed for the specific purpose. That will be a safer, stronger and better path than to use standard adhesives. The adhesion between incompatible materials continue to be a big challenge in a broad number of industries. And there is a great need for a cost effective, yet stronger and safer way to obtain strong adhesion between materials. RadiSurf is providing and developing that solution.

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RadiSurf is developing Molecular Adhesive systems for chemically clean, optimal adhesion of polymers on metal surfaces. Stay updated on newest developments.
  • Chemically clean adhesion
  • Low material consumptions
  • Designed to perfectly match the application.