Designing the adhesion technology of tomorrow

RadiSurf’s Adhesion Technology

Want high performance bonding of metals to dissimilar materials?

Say goodbye to glue. At RadiSurf, we’re re-thinking adhesion. 

We create ultra-thin metal surface coatings so they can be secured with plastics through < 100 nm long polymer brushes. 

Chemically clean & environmentally friendly, our extremely strong yet seamless bonding can withstand even extreme conditions. 

RadiPrime™ Metal-Epoxy Primer Systems

Enhance metal-epoxy bonding & polymer coating performance. Read more

RadiBond™ Adhesive Systems

Strong & tight direct bonding of materials. Read more. 

Scientific Samples

Polymer brushes and surface modification are popular research topics. However, producing and obtaining samples is hard. Under RadiScientific, we provide high quality polymer brush and nanocoating samples for R&D purposes. Or get customized products. Read more.


How we work

Why RadiSurf’s Adhesion Technology?

  • Strong adhesion even on smooth surfaces – unaffected by surface roughness
  • Air- & Water-tight Adhesion interface – surfaces adhered with 20-100 nm thick polymer brushes, invisible to naked eye
  • Easy integration into operations – high stability of coated surfaces allows separation of processes
  • Suitable for use with convetional welding techniques – conventional techniques can be used for final adhesion (eg. injection molding, solvent welding, etc)
  • Chemically clean & environmentally friendly – no harmful chemicals used, adhesion is reversible for easy recycling of components
  • Tailored to your specific needs – we are equipped with the knowhow and testing abilities to create the perfect adhesion solution for your specific bonding needs.

Who we’ve worked with

Companies RadiSurf has worked with

News from RadiSurf

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