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We are now seeking several passionate, creative, and highly qualified technology, end-use application, and business development professionals with experience from the life science, energy storage, semiconductor or electronics industries who can grow with us and help us achieve a more sustainable society.

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Tackle the Most Difficult Bonding Challenges the Clever Way

Imagine welding plastics directly to metals. Impossible? No, with our patented polymer brush-based coatings, you can bond otherwise impossible-to-bond plastics to metal, glass, carbon, etc. directly in welding and over-molding processes.

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Overmolding Primer

Perform insert over molding using traditional injection molding equipment and obtain strong bonding directly in the molding process. Read more about RadiBond Overmolding Primer

Welding Primer

Weld plastic material directly to metal, glas or other inorganic material using induction, laser, solvent or ultrasonic welding techniques. Read more about RadiBond Welding Primer

Co-Creation for the Best Products

We love to work closely together with our customers in developing new applications for our unique polymer brush-based technologies.

If you are developing new products, where our polymer brush-based technologies are applicable, we are ready to work closely together with you adapting and testing our technology for your specific needs. We will support you all the way to full-scale production and provide continued service when your product hits the market.

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Are you ready to test our polymer brush coatings and adhesives? Are you looking to learn more? Get directly in touch with our specialists.

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