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RadiSurf provides advanced polymer-metal adhesion solutions for:



RadiSurf has developed effective plastic-metal adhesion solutions. Nanometer-thin, joints created are stronger and less permeable – ideal for various applications


RadiSurf develops and tests customized adhesion technologies for plastics and metals to be used in innovative ways, creating stronger, more durable products. 


Scientific Samples

Polymer brushes and surface modification are popular research topics. However, producing and obtaining samples are hard. We produce polymer brush and nanocoating samples for R&D purposes, under RadiSurf Scientific. Find availble high quality scientific samples or get customized products to meet your specialized needs. 

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The Science behind RadiSurf’s technology

Molecular Adhesion of Polymers on Metal Surfaces Patent pending

RadiSurf provides a fresh, innovative solution to the problem of joining polymers and metal components. By providing an invisible, chemically stable adhesion layer on top of the metal component, existing injection molding or welding techniques can be used to obtain superior adhesion between the metal and polymer parts. 

  • Strong adhesion with an invisible adhesion interface, even on smooth metal surfaces
  • The interface is stable up to high temperatures of at least 200°C (390°F) 
  • Pre-coated metal surfaces are stable and can be stored for months
  • Allows a complete separation of metal surface preparation and the molding/coating step as the surface is stable
  • Easy strong adhesion of polymers that are otherwise impossible or hard to bind to metal surfaces
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News from RadiSurf

RadiSurf boosted with 895,000 DKK grant

RadiSurf has won an InnoBooster grant of 895,000 DKK for nano-primer optimization and commercialization. RadiSurf has been awarded an InnoBooster grant of 895,000DKK for optimizing and commercializing the nano-primer technology for the adhesion of polymers to hard...


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