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“I could freely explore and put my ideas into action, and the vibrant energy here is very inspiring. These made me really appreciate and enjoy the startup life!” – Crystal, MarComm Intern

Do you have what it takes to be our new Marketing Communications superhero? 

While we have developed a potentially revolutionary adhesion technology, we need your help with putting us out there. We are currently looking for a driven, energetic Marketing, Communications or Business student to strengthen our visibility in the market.

Want to know more about what you would get to do and if you would be a good match for us? We asked Crystal, our Marketing Communications Intern, to share why she decided to join us and her experience working in RadiSurf.


Q. Why did you join RadiSurf?

A. I really wanted an internship where I could use my studies for real-world contributions and this was the perfect match!


Q. Have you enjoyed working in RadiSurf?

A. Yes, definitely, especially the freedom. Everyone is very receptive towards my ideas – something possibly hard to find in larger companies with more rigid work structures. Speaking of which, I really do enjoy our work culture. Our team is close-knit and casual, but everyone is also so dedicated and passionate about not only their own scope of work, but in pushing RadiSurf’s growth as well!


Q. What does your work entail?

A. I handle social media, sharing something interesting weekly; updating our website, ensuring our website explains what we do in a manner understandable to everyone. I also manage RadiSurf’s monthly newsletter and work on other exciting marketing activities, eg. writing product whitepapers, reports, and press releases when needed.


Q. What is the best part about working in RadiSurf

A. That we constantly have cake! Jokes aside, working in RadiSurf has been very fulfilling. While it is daunting to have almost free reign over marketing, our CEO Mikkel is always here to guide me. Working directly under Mikkel is a truly rare experience!


Q. What is the most challenging thing about working in RadiSurf?

A. With no background in chemistry and engineering, I felt quite inadequate for the job. However, Michael’s and Stefan’s chemistry introduction was immensely helpful. Next was creating a comprehensive yet compelling explanation of our technology. However, this was a great opportunity to improve my writing skills – crucial for all communications students!😊


Q. What would you tell those hesitant to join a startup?

A. This was a really valuable experience for me – I could freely explore and put my ideas into action, and the vibrant energy here is very inspiring. They have made me really appreciate and enjoy the startup life!


Think you the capabilities to bring RadiSurf to greater heights? Read more details on the job and how to contact us here