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RadiSurf’s industrial Ph.D. student Stefan will be presenting our Silicone Adhesive System at the Smart Materials Conference. The 7th International Conference on Smart Materials and Structures takes place on July 2-3, in Vienna, Austria.

What are “Smart” materials and why should we care?

Otherwise known as functional materials, smart materials are groups of materials that possess special properties like electrical, magnetic and optical properties. Smart materials include hybrid materials that combine beneficial properties of different materials which are used extensively within the automotive industry. Smart materials can also be engineered to obtain desired properties and change in response to external stimuli, they are immensely useful in IT and sensing technology.

As our world becomes increasingly “high tech”, there has been growing limelight on these useful materials, both for industrial applications and in research. The Smart Materials Conference will be bringing together speakers, delegates and students in the study of functional materials and highlight key trends in civil, automobile, mechanical, aviation, nanotechnology, medical and defense-related fields.

Smart materials also consist of nanomaterials and nanotechnology – and this is where RadiSurf comes in, where Stefan will be introducing our disruptive Silicone Adhesion System.

Learn more about RadiSurf’s Silicone Adhesion System here: https://www.radisurf.com/products-polymer-metal-adhesion/silicone-adhesion-metal-carbon-glass/

Read more about the Smart Materials Conference: https://smartmaterials.materialsconferences.com/