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Nutrition / Food & Beverages Industries

  • Safe and Clean Adhesion Interface

    In the Nutrition / Food & Beverage industry, hygiene and cleanliness is the number 1 priority. RadiSurf joins plastics and metals with only nanometer-thin adhesive interfaces. These extremely thin plastic-metal joints prevents contaminants from entering or adhesives from leaking. Therefore, RadiSurf’s adhesion technologies are safe for use in food & beverage applications, with guaranteed no taste contamination either.  


  • Simple Adhesion Strategy

    RadiSurf’s adhesion interfaces are chemically safe, clean and stable. The main component of the adhesive is a polymer chemically linked to the metal. This polymer is identical to or resembles the plastic, and thus presents a very simple and clean adhesion strategy. This is superior to complex, traditional adhesives that often contain harmful additives which may be prone to leaking over time.

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