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Our Business Model

Material Feasibility

We seek complete and in-depth understanding of your material needs. As adhesion experts with a wide material joining combination portfolio, we tailor effective solutions to your requirements.

Pilot Production

We produce small batches of samples and conduct feasibility tests to ensure that this specially designed and produced solution meets your specific needs.

Full Scale Production

We are developing an automated production of our adhesion solution to be integrated into client’ own facilities. Easy incorporation into your process line ensures perfectly streamlined product assembly.

Chemical kits & support

While the RadiSurf ashesion system is integrated in your facilities, and can work inependently, we continue to provide the chemical kits needed, as well as the full service and support for smooth operations.

Licensing of the RadiSurf Technology

Other than the initial funding needed for creating and developing the ideal adhesion solution for your needs, RadiSurf works under a licensing business model – whereby you pay for the rights to use our unique adhesion technology (patent pending). Meanwhile, we provide full-service support and the chemical kits as needed.

Our Products & Services

With our adhesion system, achieve extremely strong, air- and water-tight bonding of metals directly to incompatible materials.

We have developed & tested solutions for:

Radically enhance strength and stability of metal- epoxy bonding & polymer coating performance with our unique, invisible primer solution.

We have developed & tested solutions for:

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