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RadiSurf is revolutionizing Adhesives & we need your help!

RadiSurf has developed a cutting-edge high-performance adhesion technology to adhere dissimilar materials together in an ultra-strong and thin adhesion – something never done before. However, a disruptive adhesion technology is not enough.

We need your help to strengthen the visibility of RadiSurf through a series of marketing communication efforts, namely:

  • Managing our social media platforms:
  • Building upon & updating our website, especially since RadiSurf is constantly working on new developing new products & test projects
  • Brainstorming & contributing to communication strategies, branding efforts
    • Monthly newsletters
    • Product whitepapers
  • Other marketing activities

We are looking for energetic, motivated students studying Marketing, Communications or any relevant Business Development courses.

 While this position is unpaid, gain invaluable experience working directly under CEO Mikkel Kongsfelt and with our dedicated team.

 Read more about our current Marketing Communications Intern’s experience in RadiSurf!


Join us! Simply write to us here:

Read more about what our Marketing Internship entails here.

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