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Producer of new groundbreaking adhesion technology, RadiSurf ApS, has as of today officially become a recipient of the international SME (Small/Medium Enterprises) Instruments founding. With a total of 2130 applicants, RadiSurf ApS, located in Risskov, Denmark, is one of only 119 recipients to obtain the SME instrument funding this year.

With approximately 10% chance of getting funding from SME Instrument, RadiSurf ApS made it through phase 1. RadiSurf ApS new technology provides coatings for obtaining adhesion between plastics and metals. The nano molecular adhesive coating is applied in a two- or three-step process, resulting in a nanometer thin adhesion layer on the metal surface.

The purpose of the SME instrument program is to boost innovative companies and ideas to keep Europe in the competition of innovative technology. Any company with an innovative idea that could boost the company’s economy can apply the SME Instrument.

Funding vital for development
For a small company like RadiSurf ApS, the funding is vital for the further development of their product.

“Our products are based on completely new high tech innovations, and hence the development into a final product is very costly. Funding like the SME Instruments is vital for us to be able to bring such innovations to the market. “explains CEO Mikkel Kongsfelt.



Inuk Kanuthsen and Kasper L. Jørgensen is trying to pull a metal object from a plastic object

Mikkel Kongsfelt funded RadiSurf ApS in 2015 together with three partners as a spin-off company from Aarhus University. The company is based on a patented technology developed at the university. They specialize in advanced nanotechnology to obtain unprecedented strong and tight interfaces between plastic materials and metal components. RadiSurf ApS is managed by CEO and Co-Founder, Mikkel Kongsfelt and consists of three chemists, one chemical engineer, an industrial PhD student and a financial advisor with long industry experience.


RadiSurf ApS’ vision
With the phase 1 funding RadiSurf ApS plan to use the money for further development of their bonding interfaces. CEO Mikkel Kongsfelt explains:

“With the SME Instruments phase 1 funding we will be able to build a strong business plan and go-to market strategy, for full commercial launch of our technology from 2019 and forward“

The European Commission, which distributes the SME instrument funding, received by the 6th September, 2130 applications to the first cut-off face. After the second cut-off only 119 companies were granted funding. SME Instruments is part of the Horizon 2020 program for research and development in EU.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 790748.