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Other Industries

  • An Innovative Adhesive

    RadiSurf’s adhesion technology is based on a nanobonding innovation. The adhesion interfaces created are extremely thin and tight, with no risk of adhesive leakage, making it extremely safe for all industrial uses and applications.

  • Strong and Durable Assemblies

    The adhesive interfaces are extremely strong and, durable and remains stable even at high temperature and pressure. Their long lifespans make them the ideal adhesive solutions for applications such as automotive and aerospace, as they can withstand the harsh environments and pressures commonly existing in these industries.

  • Decoupling Priming and Assembly Processes

    Surfaces pre-coated with RadiSurf’s primers are chemically stable and can be stored for at least 2-3 months before assembly. This allows for a total separation of the priming and assembly process. As such, RadiSurf’s advanced adhesive solutions not only improve product quality but are highly advantageous to industrial workflow and keeps production costs low. 

  • An ever Expanding Portfolio of Material Combinations

    Combining plastics and metals have many industrial benefits and can often reduce manufacturing costs, decrease packaging size, and lower components’ weights. RadiSurf’s adhesive technologies allow manufacturers to do just that, and we are constantly developing and testing new adhesive solutions for different material combinations. 

  • Metal-Plastic Hybrid Materials

    RadiSurf’s adhesion technologies are especially useful for creating safe and durable hybrid components of plastics and metals. Substituting some metal parts with plastics lower the weight of e.g. automobiles. Lightweight materials in general reduce fuel consumption, making vehicles and aeroplanes more environmentally friendly. 

  • Binding Protective Coatings

    RadiSurf’s adhesion technologies join materials through almost unbreakable chemical bonds. Therefore, when used to bind protective coatings, this adhesive primers helps protective coatings truly last, shaving millions off companies’ material maintenance and repair costs. Additionally, RadiSurf’s nanopriming technology to bind protective coatings are simple and extremely thin, compared to complex commercial primers, which are usually several microns in thickness.

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