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Privacy & Cookie Policy

1. Introduction

We care about our users privacy and security. Hence, we only collect the information needed to service and help our users and the visitors of our site as much as possible.

The purpose of this website is to communicate the RadiSurf products and business model, and engage in communication with potential customers and leads for future collaboration.

2. Personal data and information

Our services are target business customers and as such we store and process an absolute minimum of personal data. However, we do collect simple personal data such as name, e-mail address, phone and workplace in order to be able to engage with you as a user of our website and services, and to communicate with customers. We only accept e-mails, comments etc. with simple personal information. Any sensitive information will be deleted immediately unless it is related to a separate contract with our customers.

2.1 Newsletter – Marketing Consent

When filling out the forms on our website, you are asked if you “RadiSurf may directly contact me with updated information on their technologies” or “Email newsletter with updates on RadiSurf and special offers” or “Customized online advertising”.

If you signup to “RadiSurf may directly contact me with updated information on their technologies” – we will store your contact information “E-mail and Full Name” together with information about signup time, product interest, and IP Address while any dialog proceeds and up to 12 months hereafter. We may contact you directly via e-mail or phone with extra information regarding the specific products you requested information on and related technologies. You can expect to receive a maximum of 5 e-mails, if you do not provide us with further interest in our technologies or signup for our newsletter.

If you “Email newsletter with updates on RadiSurf and special offers” you accept that we may continuously send updates and offers on our technology. We will send 1-2 newsletters per month and continue to do so until you unsubscribe from our newsletters.

E-mails send in any of the above cases may be tracked for openings and click on links on an individual basis.

If you sign up for “Customized online advertising”, we may provide you with customized advertising on our products online at various service providers for social media, search engines or online information sites.

Your personal information is securely transferred using a secure connection (HTTPS encryption) and stored on third party servers by the following sub-providers with whom we have data processing agreements in effect:

Mailchimp (E-mail newsletter service provider)
Rocket Science Group LLC d/b/a Mailchimp, Atlanta USA

Hubspot (CRM Service provider)
Hubspot Inc., Massachusetts, USA

Google (E-mail and data hosting service provider)
Google Inc., California USA

Any changes to the list of sub providers will be updated in these terms.

2.2 Withdrawing you consent

You are at any time entitled to withdraw you consent for marketing materials. You can unsubscribe from our newsletters and offers on e-mail via a link in the bottom of each mail or by contacting us at info@radisurf.com.

2.3 Correction and deletion of data

You are at any time entitled to receive inside into what personal data we store and process regarding your person. For such request, contact us at info@radisurf.com.

If we store any incorrect personal data of yours, you are entitled to have such data corrected. For such request, contact us at info@radisurf.com.

You are also entitled to have any personal data that are not critical to our further operation our legally required for us to store deleted. For such request, contact us at info@radisurf.com.

3. Cookies

We use cookies to assist us in collecting analytics data for the use of our website. This helps us improve the website and make sure, that we present the information our user actually are looking for in the best possible way.

To collect these data, we use Google Analytics. We only collect anonymized aggregated data – and do not use cookies to collect any personal data. No information that could refer to you as an individual user is collect in our systems.

If you do not wish to provide any data for Google Analytics, you can use your browser to opt-out of Google Analytics. For more information: Opt-Out, Google Analytics Privacy Statement.

4. More information and Complaints

You are at any time allowed to contact RadiSurf ApS, CVR/VAT: DK-37039403, Arresøvej 5B, 8240 Risskov, info@radisurf.com, Phone: +45 91 91 91 10 for more information on how

If you wish to complain about RadiSurf ApS handling of your personal information, this can be done by contacting Datatilsynet at Borgergade 28,5., 1300 København, Phone: +45 33 19 32 00 e-mail: dt@datatilsynet.dk.

RadiSurf ApS
Arresoevej 5B
DK-8240 Risskov
Phone: +45 91 91 91 10
Email: info@radisurf.com
VAT/CVR: DK-37039403

Privacy & Cookie Policy