Adhesion systems for polymer to metal adhesion

The RadiSurf adhesion systems is a 20-100 nm chemical coating on metal surfaces, allowing the application of polymeric materials such as thermoplastics and thermosets directly on the adhesion layer and obtain a strong adhesion between the materials. The system ultimately creates a chemical bond directly from a metal surface and into the plastic material.


Advantages in medical and food contact applications

The coating applied on metal surfaces is chemically as clean as the polymer material subsequently applied, and hence contain no special additives and is considered safe in terms of use in food and medical applications. Furthermore, due to the extremely thin adhesion layer, the interface between the materials is very tight and prevents largely any diffusion of materials or growth of biofilm etc. in the interface.


Special advantages of the RadiSurf adhesion system

  • A very clean adhesion system
  • Use traditional methods for the final adhesion (injection over-molding, compression molding, solvent welding etc.)
  • Low material consumption
  • Designed to solve the specific adhesion need
  • Strong adhesion on both polished and rough metal surfaces
  • Pre-coated metal surfaces are stable and can be stored for months 
  • The interface is stable up to high temperatures of at least 200°C (390°F) 
  • Allows a complete separation of metal surface preparation and the molding/coating step as the surface is stable
  • Easy and strong adhesion of polymers that are otherwise impossible or hard to bind to metal surfaces
  • Products for adhesion between plastic and metal


The RadiSurf Technology

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