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Adhesion of PPS on Metals & other materials

Adhesion of Polyphenylene Sulfide (PPS) is generally extremely difficult due to its strong properties in chemical resistance and temperature stability. It is one of the most important polymers for high-temperature application. It is largely resistant towards heat, acids, alkalies, abrasion and solvents. It is not dissolved in any common solvents unless heated to above 200°C. PPS is often used in a glass fiber-filled version for even stronger materials.


Tight interfaces between PPS and metal components in over-molding

Using PPS blended with a high glass fiber filling allows for the construction of relatively tight components with a very low diffusion of both water and gasses through the plastic material. Therefore, PPS may be utilized for water and gas tight applications. However, to make hybrid components with both metal and PPS that are actually tight is a huge challenge. When metal pieces are over-molded, the thermal expansions result in a very leaky interface due to the low adhesion of PPS on the metal parts. However, our results indicate that the RadiSurf adhesion technology can overcome these challenges and the stresses developed when elements are cooled down.

Download the datasheet to get access to our results concerning these systems.

Download Datasheet for our PPS Adhesion solution

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