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The Science Behind RadiSurf’s Adhesion Technology 

metal-polymer adhesion process

STEP 1.  Surface is activated

Activation agent secures molecules to chemical bonding sites on metal surface. Makes surface suitable for polymerization.

STEP 2. Polymerization 

Polymerization agent applied onto activated surface so polymer brushes can be grown. 10-100 nm long, their length can be tailored to your specific needs.

STEP 3. Final Adhesion

Plastic layer can be adhered with coated metal surface through conventional adhesion methods (injection molding, solvent welding, ultra-sonic welding, 3D printing, etc). For bonding with epoxy, cure according to manufacturer’s recommendations.

Our Products & Services

With our adhesion system, achieve extremely strong, air- and water-tight bonding of metals directly to incompatible materials.

We have developed & tested solutions for:

Radically enhance strength and stability of metal- epoxy bonding & polymer coating performance with our unique, invisible primer solution.

We have developed & tested solutions for:

Customized Solutions

Can’t find a suitable solution for you? RadiSurf welcomes any new test projects or suggestions for new & unique material combinations while fulfilling your needs. Contact us here:

How do we work with our clients to tailor their perfect bonding solution?

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