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The RadiBond™ Metal-Polymer Adhesion Technology

The RadiSurf adhesion system is a 20-100 nm chemical coating on metal surfaces, allowing the direct application and strong adhesion of polymeric materials eg. thermoplastics and thermosets on dissimilar surfaces like metals. Ultimately, metal surface are chemically bonded directly into the plastic material. 

Special advantages of the RadiBond™ adhesion system

  • A very clean adhesion system, no special additives needed – perfect for medical and nutrition applications
  • Traditional methods used for the final adhesion (injection over-molding, compression molding, solvent welding etc.)
  • Low material consumption
  • Designed to meet the specific adhesion need
  • Strong adhesion on both polished and rough metal surfaces
  • Pre-coated metal surfaces are stable and can be stored for months 
  • The interface is stable up to high temperatures of at least 200°C (390°F) 
  • Allows a complete separation of coating step and final adhesion as the coated surfaces are highly stable
  • Easy and strong adhesion of polymers that are otherwise impossible or hard to bind to metal surfaces

The RadiPrime™ Metal-Epoxy Primer System promotes extremely robust, secure and stable bonding between metals and epoxies. Our nano-primers modifies metal surfaces so polymer brushes to be grown from them, ulitmately securing the metal surface with the epoxy layer in a velcro-like nanostructure.  Radically improve metal-epoxy adhesion capabilities, lower risk of epoxy underperformance all while achieving tighter bonding interface. Suitable even for smooth surfaces and difficult to bond metals. Read more here.

Special Advantages of the RadiPrime™ Primer System


  • Suitable for most metals & metal alloys, even hard-to-bond materials
  • Compatible with most types of epoxy-based adhesives/ coatings
  • Improvement in adhesive strength by up to 50%, depending on the metal alloy
  • Radical improvement in the adhesive stability, very low bonding failure rate
  • The primer layer is nanometer-thin & basically invisible
  • Greatly reduces the need for mechanical surface pre-treatment (surface roughening) of the metal part
  • Fits easily into your manufacturing/ production process – RadiPrime treated surfaces are stable for months before final adhesion/ coating step, thus priming and adhesion can be done separately
  • The chemical priming process is well-developed and documented
Primer Systems for:


How we work

RadiSurf business model

1. Material Feasibility

Focusing on your specific needs and from our extensive material combination database, we make initial tests and adjustments to ensure we can produce the sampled with properties expected of you.

2. Proof of Concept & Pilot                Production

Next, we work on creating proof of concept and pilot production of actual products.

3. Full Scale Production

Our end goal is to establish automated production in our clients’ facilities, while we deliver chemical kits for application of our Nanobonding coating.

4. Delivery of Chemicals

Once a full-scale automated production has been set up for you, we will continue to support your smooth production by delivering chemical supplies neded for applying our Nanobond coating.

Licensing of RadiSurf Technology

Other than the initial funding needed for creating and developing the ideal adhesion solution for your needs, RadiSurf works under a licensing business model – whereby you pay for the rights to use our unique adhesion technology (patent pending). Meanwhile, we provide full-service support and the chemical kits as needed. 

The RadiSurf Technology

Radisurf concept

We apply nanometer-thin surface coating to modify surfaces so that polymer brushes can be grown from them. The other material is then secured to the polymer brushes through almost unbreakable covalent bonds. Therefore materials are bonded extremely strongly and thinly together. 

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