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We all want cheaper yet more durable electronics, appliances, toys and automobiles. RadiSurf is glad to announce that we have developed and tested an adhesion technology that can contribute to these demands.

Polystyrene (PS) – the plastic that is used in these applications – can be attached more securely to a wider range of materials, through RadiSurf’s method of attaching PS through PS polymer brushes.

This ultra-tight and secure adhesion innovation is superior to conventional silane-based adhesives. As shown in the video, we were able to achieve a far stronger attachment of PS which was resistant to peeling and vigorous scratching with a knife. Meanwhile, the PS layer could easily be peeled off the silane coated glass slide with the same peel test.

By simply applying RadiSurf’s invisible layer of PS adhesion on the surface, this makes it hydrophobic (surface repels water) and compatible with PS. PS can then be applied directly on the RadiSurf coated surface, eg. through solvent welding or over-molding.

This RadiSurf PS adhesion coating can be applied on most types of materials including glass, metals, and other hard materials, to help bind these materials with PS. For most metals, this adhesion works on smooth surfaces, and surface roughening such as sandblasting can be avoided.

The chemically stable coated surfaces can be stored for 2-3 months before PS is applied to them, allowing the decoupling of the coating and adhesion/assembly process, enhancing industrial workflow.

Currently, RadiSurf is rapidly expanding the material combinations in our adhesion portfolio.