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RadiPrime™ Metal-Epoxy Primer Systems solution

Unsatisfied with the lacklustre bonding performance of your epoxies? Due to dissimilar surface energies and properties, it is hard to achieve rigid and strong adhesion between metals and epoxies. Many epoxy adhesives fail prematurely, never reaching their maximum adhesion potential or are simply not strong enough.

With the RadiPrime™ Metal-Epoxy Primer System, achieve extremely robust, secure and stable bonding between metals and epoxies. With our nano-primers, radically boost metal-epoxy adhesion capabilities, lower risk of epoxy underperformance while ensuring tighter bonding interface.

Why choose the RadiPrime™ Metal-Epoxy Primer System?


  • Suitable for bonding with almost any metal and metal alloy
  • Compatible with most types of epoxy-based adhesives/ coatings
  • Improvement in adhesive strength by up to 50%, depending on the metal alloy
  • Radical improvement in the adhesive stability, very low bonding failure rate
  • The primer layer is nanometer-thin & basically invisible
  • Greatly reduces need for mechanical surface pre-treatment (surface roughening) of the metal part
  • Fits easily into your manufacturing/ production process – RadiPrime treated surfaces are stable for months before final adhesion/ coating step, thus priming and adhesion can be done separately
  • The chemical priming process is well-developed and documented

Radically enhances bonding strength and stability, even for difficult metals

Designed to solve the common problem with epoxy glues (underperformance or even outright failure), RadiPrime™ Metal-Epoxy Adhesion solution is based on nano-primers (10-50 nm thick), and significantly boost epoxies’ ultimate bonding strength while reducing the risk of underperformance. RadiPrime™ works even for metals like Titanium – known for weak mechanical bonding with epoxies.

Adhesives often have low stress limits or fail at stresses lower than expected. This is challenging for assembly in industrial applications and industrial production, creating problems such as reclamation issues, damage to operating equipment and posing workplace hazards.

Eliminate surface preparation – effective even on smooth surfaces 

While surface roughening is used to improve bonding between metals and conventional adhesives, it is an additional, time-consuming, messy and even dangerous process. Based on nano-bonding technology, the RadiPrime™ Metal-Epoxy Adhesion solution’s bonding performance is typically independent of surface texture, eliminating the need for sandblasting.

Achieving tighter interfaces with inivisible primer layer

With a mere thickness of 10-50 nm (basically invisible), the RadiPrime™ Metal-Epoxy Adhesion primer improves adhesion between metals and epoxies, making the bonding stronger and more durable. Often a smaller amount of epoxy can be used, while the strength and tightness of the interface is retained or even improved.

Stable modified surfaces – Easy incorporation into your production process

We understand how important the ease of incorporating a new adhesion technology into your already established production operations is, and we have catered to that need. Metal surfaces coated with RadiPrime™ Metal-Epoxy primer are stable for several months before application of the epoxy glue or epoxy coating. Therefore, the primer step can be done totally separate from the final adhesion step, allowing RadiSurf adhesion technology to easily fit into your streamlined manufacturing / production processes.

How RadiPrime™ Metal-Epoxy Primer System works

Weak metal-epoxy bonding

1. When using epoxies to bond metals to other materials, the bonding between metals and epoxies are often weak. This could have huge implications.

3. The RadiPrime™ Metal-Epoxy primer system is a nanoprimer coating layer that is applied on the metal surface to boost metal-epoxy adhesion.

2. Due to weak metal-epoxy bonding, this is often the point of failure. The metal and epoxy often separates prematurely, at a lower stress exerted than expected.

4. With the RadiPrime™ Metal-Epoxy primer solution, failure occurs at the epoxy instead, acheiving at least partial cohesive failure.

RadiPrime™ Metal-Epoxy strengthens bonding through chemical bonding

While the epoxy provides physical bonding with metal components, the RadiPrime™ Metal-Epoxy reinforces this weaker bonding type by ultimately forming a more interlinking structure and stronger chemical bonding with the metal surface.

The RadiPrime™ Metal-Epoxy primer is based on a metal surface coating, which facilitates bonding with chemically dissimilar epoxies. The surface coating consists of engineered adhesive polymer brushes secured to the metal surface through strong chemical bonds. The epoxy entangles and forms chemical bonds with these anchored polymer brushes, ultimately forming a velcro-like nanostructure with drastically stronger and more stable bonds.

The RadiPrime™ Metal-Epoxy nano-primer layer is 10-50 nm thin (typically) and basically invisible. Unlike conventional primers that are micrometer thick, the RadiPrime™ Metal-Epoxy primer enables extremely thin and tight interfaces, while retaining or even strengthening bonding performance.

The RadiPrime™ polymer brush layer is grown chemically on the metal part through a two-step process using active chemical agents. To achieve the perfect bond, we select and streamline the optimal process parameters and combination of chemical agents. RadiSurf is equipped with the knowhow and testing facilities to tailor the customized solutions for your specific bonding needs. Need a customized solution? Contact us.

RadiPrime™ Metal-Epoxy Modification works in two steps:

 1. Activation agent makes surface active for polymerization by securing molecules to chemical bonding site at the metal surface.

2. A  polymerization agent is applied to grow polymer brushes from the activated bonding sites.

Velcro-like nanostructure ensures extremely strong bonding

The polymer brushes grown from the activated metal surface provides an additional chemical bonding to the physical bonding from the epoxy. Ultimately, a velcro-like structure is formed which has a much stronger and more stable bonding.

Tested Material Combinations


We have developed & tested the RadiPrime™  Metal-Epoxy primer system for the following metals & metal alloys – with more combinations to come!

1: Henkel Loctite Hysol is the adhesive used

2: Huntsman Araldite Variant is the adhesive used, cured at low temperature

3:  Huntsman Araldite Variant is the adhesive used, cured at high temperature

+: Fully cohesive failure observed


Some of the combinations we have tested for:

RadiPrime™ Metal-Epoxy adhesive primer system for Titanium

RadiPrime™ Metal-Epoxy adhesive primer system for Aluminium

RadiPrime™ Metal-Epoxy adhesive primer system for Nickel

RadiPrime™ Metal-Epoxy adhesive primer system for Stainless steel

Contact Us!

The highly versatile and customizable RadiPrime™  Metal-Epoxy Primer System is expected to work on most metals and metal alloys. Have a different material combination? RadiSurf gladly welcomes test projects and suggestions for new and unique material combinations to meet your needs. We’d love to hear from you!

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