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RadiPrime™ Metal-Epoxy adhesive primer system for Stainless Steel

The RadiPrime™ Metal-Epoxy primer system is a nano-primer layer that modifies surfaces, enhancing Stainless Steel-epoxy adhesion. Epoxies can now reach its maximum adhesion strength.

Stainless steel is resistant to corrosion and rust, can be easily sterilized and recycled, therefore commonly used for surgical and medical equipment, construction material and in automotive and aerospace applications. Not only will the RadiPrime™ adhesive primer system greatly enhance how stainless steel can be used in these applications, it is chemically
clean and ultra-thin – perfect for such applications. Read more about how
RadiSurf’s adhesion technology can be applied here. 
Read more about how RadiSurf’s adhesion technology can be applied here.

Improvement in tensile shear strength

When testing the RadiPrime™ metal-epoxy primer on stainless steel, tensile shear strengths of 24 – 26 MPa for both the non-modified and the modified samples, were achieved, but on average the modified samples had 10% stronger performance than non-modified samples.

Maximum adhesion strength of the epoxy can be reached with the RadiPrime metal-epoxy primer

The RadiPrime™ Metal-Epoxy primer effectively improved epoxy bonding with stainless steel as shown by tensile strength tests. Fractures occurred mainly fully or partially in the epoxy, meaning the epoxy had reached its maximum adhesion limit and was the one to break, instead of the epoxy separating from the metal prematurely due to poor bonding.

RadiPrime™ modified stainless steel samples perform well on lap shear test

Samples were glued with Huntsman Alradite Variant. The glue was mixed, applied and cured (at 60°C for at least 6 hours) as recommended by the manufacturer.

As shown in the graph, the RadiPrime™ modified samples show 10% improvement in bonding strength.


How RadiPrime™  works

The RadiPrime™ Metal-Epoxy are engineered adhesive polymer brushes that are secured to the metal surface through almost unbreakable chemical bonds. This enables the epoxy to achieve chemical entanglement with the anchored polymer brushes. This velcro-like nanostructure drastically strengthens and stabilizes the metal and epoxy bonding, as it is an additional type of bonding that reinforces the weaker physical bonding by the epoxy. 

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