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RadiPrime™ Metal-Epoxy Primer System for Titanium

The RadiPrime™ Metal-Epoxy adhesive primer system works exceptionally well for Titanium, ultimately improving overall adhesion by ≥ 40%. The RadiPrime™ Metal-Epoxy primer modifies the surface of Titanium and allows epoxies to reach their maximum adhesion capabilities in merely two steps – so industrial scale-up is very feasible.

RadiPrime™ Metal-Epoxy primer solution on titanium – stronger & more stable adhesion performance

An extremely strong yet lightweight metal generally resistant to corrosion and harsh environments, Titanium is perfect for numerous industrial applications such as aerospace, power generation, chemical, and petroleum, etc. However, due to its weak mechanical bonding to metal epoxies, titanium parts often separate from epoxies prematurely, limiting its true application potential. The RadiPrime™ Metal-epoxy was created to tackle such issues. Our specially developed nano-primer boosts titanium-epoxy bonding strength and stability, greatly lowering the risk of epoxy underperformance.

The RadiPrime™ Metal-epoxy surface modification on Titanium (nano-primer applied on the metal surface) improved the adhesive strength of epoxy on titanium samples by an average of  ≥ 40 % compared to non-modified samples. Adhesion strengths were also significantly more consistent for modified samples and they had a much lower failure rate, compared to non-modified samples.

Maximum epoxy adhesion performance reached

The RadiPrime™ modified titanium samples reached maximum epoxy adhesion performance. The modified samples mostly achieved a partially cohesive failure, where the epoxy broke at a position close to the surface (the failure happens in the epoxy and not at the interface). Meanwhile, the non-modified samples often showed adhesive failure at the joint (glue was ripped clean off, showing the weak bonding between the epoxy and the metal surface).

Industrial scale up – highly feasible & automated process underway

The RadiPrime™ modification showed highly consistent results of improved bonding. This indicates that our RadiPrime™ Metal-Epoxy solution is highly suited for scaling-up at industrial-scale production, as the adhesion process can be completed in a simple two-step process.

RadiPrime modified lap-shear test samples show that there are residue glue left closest to the fracture (as indicated by the red arrows). This means the RadiPrime™ Metal-Epoxy improved the bonding between the epoxy and the metal surface.

No epoxy residue left on the non-modified samples closest to the fracture (red rings). This means bonding between epoxy and metal surface is weak.

Samples were glued with a 200 µm thick layer of Henkel Loctite Hysol and hardener. The glue was mixed, applied and cured as recommended by producer to achieve maximum bonding.

As can be seen from the graph, adhesion strength increased by > 40%, showing improvement in strength and stability of adhesion.

How RadiPrime™  works

RadiPrime™ Metal-Epoxy are engineered adhesive polymer brushes that are secured to the metal surface through very strong chemical bonds. The epoxy entangles and binds chemically with the surface anchored polymer brushes (can be viewed as a velcro nanostructure), enabling extremely durable bonding to the metal surface. These velcro-like nanostructures drastically strengthens and stabilizes the metal and epoxy bonding, as it is an additional type of bonding that reinforces the weaker physical bonding by the epoxy.

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