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Kemi i Kredsløb project

As a “Kemi i Kredsløb” project, RadiSurf has been granted 600,000 DKK from The Danish Environmental Protection Agency to further develop a clean and safe adhesion technology, substituting harmful chemicals. 

RadiSurf has received 600,000 DKK in funding from The Danish Environmental Protection Agency, a “Kemi i Kredsløb” project, to continue the development of an innovative adhesion technology, which is safe and clean. RadiSurf’s adhesion technology is based on a 30-100 nm thin coating that allows polymers to be bonded directly to metal surfaces. Known as “RadiBond”, this molecular adhesive is stronger and cleaner than poisonous conventional adhesive technologies including cyanoacrylates and epoxies which contain Bisphenol-A.

To ensure the entire RadiSurf coating system is environmentally clean and safe,  RadiSurf is developing a new, water-based system to substitute undesirable substances used, such as acetonitrile, dichloromethane dimethylformamide (DMF), and copper (II) chloride.

DMF has reprotoxic effects while both acetonitrile and copper (II) chloride are harmful to the aquatic and marine environment. Dichloromethane is suspected of being carcinogenic and is also a greenhouse gas.

By replacing these harmful chemicals, RadiSurf’s coating innovation can be scaled-up for industrial use without posing environmental or health hazards. Completely safe and clean, RadiSurf’s adhesive technology is applicable across diverse sectors, including health and nutrition applications, and RadiSurf is always looking for new partners and customers who wish to exclude conventional, toxic adhesives from their production lines.