RadiSurf launches webshop RadiSurf Scientific selling scientific samples of polymer brushes and nanocoatings for research applications. 

Polymer brushes and surface modification technologies in general are hot topics in the scientific community and among researchers. However, producing and obtaining polymer brushes requires training and specialized equipment. RadiSurf now launches our webshop, RadiSurf Scientific, selling polymer brushes and nanocoatings for research applications.

While we have been producing strong, effective polymer-metal adhesive solutions for commercial and industrial applications based on the polymer brush technology, RadiSurf Scientific now offers high quality scientific surface coatings for the research community. These samples include polymer brushes and nanocoatings on stainless steel (SS304) or glassy carbon, which are readily available for purchase.

We realize that there is a need for highly specialized surface solutions, and therefore RadiSurf Scientific also provides custom-made products tailored to your specific research needs.

Check out Radisurf Scientific here: https://scientific.radisurf.com/