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RadiSurf and Unisense have worked together since December 2017 implementing the RadiSurf adhesion technology in the new Unisense series of microoptode sensors. Unisense is one of the leading manufactures in the world of microsensors for research and development purposes. Unisense launched the first of the new sensors on the market in 2018 and after a test period, RadiSurf and Unisense have now entered into a collaboration agreement that ensures the ability to continue to provide stronger and better sensors in the future.

With RadiSurf’s adhesion technology we can provide our customers with both more sensitive and longer lasting microoptodes”, COO, Thomas Rattenborg, Unisense.

The unique adhesion technology launched by RadiSurf allows Unisense to produce slender and hence more accurate microoptodes, without compromising stability towards sensor dye wear-off.

At RadiSurf we are very proud of the entire process, because it proves our development platform and strategy. We enter into committed collaborations and partnerships with our customers to co-create new products that take advantage of our advanced surface technologies.

The collaboration with Unisense is a result of our determination to enter value creating collaborations to bring our technologies on the market”, CEO RadiSurf, Mikkel Kongsfelt.

With the collaboration agreement Unisense and RadiSurf enter a committed collaboration, not only to ensure the most efficient optical sensors on the market today, but also to develop new and even better sensor products in the future.