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eurostars project - alfa laval accoat

RadiSurf was awarded the Eurostars funding of 300,000 to co-create an innovative, 50 nm-thick protective polymer coating for heat exchangers with Alfa Laval and Accoat.  

Partnering Alfa Laval, the world leader in pump, heat exchangers and valve production, and coating experts Accoat, RadiSurf will be developing a nano-primer solution that will make metal surfaces compatible with polymer coating, enabling the coating to be applied ultra-thinly and uniformly, with adhesion strength strong enough to withstand extreme conditions of high temperatures and pressure.

The extreme thinness, strength and stability of this adhesion is superior to the available coating solutions existing in the market, and enables cheaper metals to be used instead of expensive and toxic metals, that are resistant to corrosion, which poses a huge and costly problem.

RadiSurf is also working on scaling up this coating solution, such that it can be implemented industrially, with RadiSurf’s own polymer adhesion technology.

With corrosion problems costing an estimated 3.4% of GDP, and the metal coating market to be worth 13.55 Billion by 2026, this corrosion resistant innovation will be a game changer, helping Alfa Laval fight intense industry competition.

Eurostars is a joint programme between EUREKA and the European Commission to fund R&D performing SMEs.