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Innovation Fund Denmark InnoBooster

RadiSurf has won an InnoBooster grant of 895,000 DKK for nano-primer optimization and commercialization.

RadiSurf has been awarded an InnoBooster grant of 895,000DKK for optimizing and commercializing the nano-primer technology for the adhesion of polymers to hard materials. RadiSurf’s adhesion technology is superior to traditional alternatives as it achieves ultra-tight adhesion that can withstand even extreme conditions and also allows for more material combinations. At industrial level, this translates into more durable, higher quality products, and the ability to create products and components using new combinations of materials as well as ensuring the long lasting adhesion of polymer coatings on metals.

The formation of the nano-primer requires almost oxygen-free environments and takes up to eight hours, limiting its practicality and adoption. However, RadiSurf will with this grant complete the development of a scalable nano-primer process, forgoing the need for highly controlled environments and reducing production times to less than 30 minutes. RadiSurf aims to help companies implement automated nano-bonding adhesion in their own facilities and to continue providing full service support and self-manufactured chemical kits.

Started in 2015 as a spin-off company from Aarhus University, RadiSurf is an adhesive technology R&D start-up, focusing on developing nano-bonding technology for industrial scale production that meets customers’ specialised requirements. InnoBooster is granted by the Danish Innovation Fund to support SMEs, entrepreneurs and contractors with business ideas that improve competitiveness and create growth through knowledge.