Come join us at the very first Smart POlymer Material And Nanocomposites, SPOMAN for short, Open Science Festival on 29 June! Read more, and sign up here

On the day, you will meet the students, the researchers and the companies involved in the Open Science community. The students to present their work to the world, the companies involved will join in to give an understanding of where the applications of the basic research could be found, and you will have the opportunity to learn about the research projects and how the Open Science Collaboration can benefit both students, researchers, and companies.

RadiSurfs participation in SPOMAN
As a startup company with a specialized chemical technology, we are focused on staying at the frontier of materials development. We can only do that by being a part of the research happening at universities and by staying closely connected to other companies with an interest in materials development. RadiSurf is directly involved with several of the Open Science projects in SPOMAN, such as:

Evanescent wave photocatalysis for surface functionalization

Renewable surface chemistry

Nylon Polymer Brushes

Reversible Adhesives

RadiSurf will also be present at the festival to tell about our technology and why we believe it is important for a small company to be part of initiatives like this.

We greatly encourage anyone who is interested in the projects in SPOMAN or Open Science in general to signup for the exciting festival.

About Open Science
What if fundamental research found its way into the world and into the industry? What if fundamental research could solve some of the problems faced by the industry? What if fundamental research was done in an open collaboration between the industry and the university, a collaboration where inputs from everyone were welcome? This is exactly what the SPOMAN Open Science Community is about.

SPOMAN Open Science is about sharing our findings, our thoughts, and our challenges. We base the projects on challenges found in the industry but solved as fundamental research projects. We share the research process with both collaborators and the rest of the world all the way from an idea over research to results. Everyone can follow the research, comment on it, and use it. This allows for the researcher to have direct interaction with other researchers within the same field, edging fields, or perhaps researchers using the same or relevant methods; but also with people from the industry or curious people from a different line of work. The goal is to obtain direct feedback while the projects are running and a possibility to seek knowledge and inspiration in other open projects.

For more information about the SPOMAN Open Science Festival visit their website.