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As experienced chemists, we understand the risks of handling air- and moisture-sensitive substances. There have been a number of serious laboratory accidents involving pyrophoric compounds, which may spontaneously ignite when they are exposed to air. A new system was developed in Aarhus University to increase the safety when handling such compounds (For more information, see publication in OPR&D) and to make it easy in general to transfer air and moisture sensitive compounds. Therefore, we have produced this Safety Transfer Vial for Sure/Seal® bottles, together with SyTracks, and it will be available worldwide.

These safety transfer vials are specially made to complement Sure/Seal® bottles, allowing the hands-free yet extremely clean transfer of chemicals, especially crucial for sensitive reactions.

Here, we explain what the kit contains and how to use it correctly to receive the best effects.

Sure/Seal bottle safety transfer vial - full kit

The setup consists of a transfer vial with crimp-cap seals on both ends and bottle cap aligner for standard Sure/Seal® bottles. For hands-free operation, a clamp is also included to secure these components in place. Extra replacement crimp caps for the vial are also included.

Note: The transfer vial, bottles, syringes and reaction vessels needs to be carefully vented with inert gases (nitrogen or argon) before transfer. These gases prevent unwanted chemical reactions, which is crucial when handling such volatile chemicals.

Sure/Seal bottle safety transfer vial

First, remove the lid from the Sure/Seal® bottle – be sure it is not the Sure/Seal® cap. Vent your reaction vessel and the transfer vial with nitrogen or argon.

Sure/Seal bottle safety transfer vial - set up

Screw the bottle cap aligner onto the bottle, place the vented transfer vial into the aligner and lock it in place with the clamp. Use the vented syringe to extract the amount needed by piercing it through the vial and the Sure/Seal® cap.

Sure/Seal bottle safety transfer vial - full kit

Withdraw the needle until it is in the center of the transfer vial.

Sure/Seal bottle safety transfer vial - needle in transfer vial

Release the clamp and the liquid can now be transferred safely in completely inert conditions.

Sure/Seal bottle safety transfer vial - transferring liquid

Lastly, place the transfer vial on the septum of your reaction vessel and push the syringe through the transfer vial and septum to finally transfer the liquid.

Sure/Seal® is a registered trademark by Sigma Aldrich®.

Interested? You can purchase our Safety Transfer Vials herehttps://scientific.radisurf.com/product/safety-transfervial-system-for-pyrophoric-liquids/